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A No-Contract Pool Service
Gary Libbos,


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 Preventive Maintenance Underlies Weekly Service for Pool Cleanliness

CDPC's professional weekly maintenance and whenever-needed repair of pool equipment at low-cost-leader rates--all repairs done by a licensed contractor-- is designed to insure years of pool beauty and enjoyment, absent the neglect and needless expense from corrosion, algae, and scaling that can all be prevented.  

CDPC prevents failure to use a pool due to malfunctioning  of its motor or filter by replacing worn components before they actually fail.  However, a pool pump and filter will be repaired at the request of a pool owner.

Weekly Pool Service
CDPC's rates make it Ahwatukee's low-cost leader to resident pool owners with potential to expand to Chandler. Vacation pool service is also available.

Cost Service Objective
$40 per month plus chemicals  Chemicals added only, while you clean the pool, and CDPC will keep pool water balanced
$70 per month plus chemicals or you buy chemicals Maintain water balance.  Brush walls and steps, skim surface, empty all baskets, back wash as needed, check equipment.
$90 per month including chemicals, unlimited chlorine tabs, and acid with two bags of shock and d/e  (diatomaecious earth) when needed Same as above.
$75 per month including all chemicals and not including salt, for salt system pools Same as above.
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As-needed, non-weekly services cover the following:
  • Acid Washing of play pools, diving pools, spas
  • Pool Draining
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Green Pool Clean up 
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